Our Roots


The Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy East is located in the city of St. Gabriel, Louisiana. St. Gabriel began in the mid 1700s and is rich in history.  The city was founded by Acadian exiles sent by the Spanish Governor Dan Ontonio DeUlloa to settle in the coast of Iberville.

  St. Gabriel includes the areas of Sunshine and Carville.  It was incorporated as a town in 1994 and received city designation in 2001.  It is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River   , approximately 12 miles south of Baton Rouge.

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     Among the charming sites found in St. Gabriel are quaint country stores and St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church, perhaps one of the oldest churches in the Louisiana Purchase Territory.  



  Our School


   The Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy East opened its doors in August 2008 on the grounds of the St. Gabriel Community Center.  We started with 6 classrooms in temporary buildings and the use of some of the Community Center's facilities.  We have grown by leaps and bounds and are just thrilled about it!

 We are very excited about being in our new school.  We now serve grades K-12.  Not only is Iberville MSA East growing, student test scores are soaring, students are being pushed to excel and are being nurtured by caring teachers. They are participating in many arts and extracurricular programs.  Students in the 11th and 12th grades have the opportunity to take dual credit courses and earn college credit. The Academy has partnerships with LSU, Southern, Southeastern, Nicholls State, Tulane and the University of Southern Mississippi to provide students with numerous college experiences and projectbased learning strategies.


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Why go to Iberville MSA Academy?

Innovative teaching with smaller classes in grades 7 - 12

Technology rich - every student in grades 6-12 is provided a laptop and use

of sophisticated calculators, state-of-the-art science labs

Advanced placement (AP) and dual credit courses for 11th and 12th


Development of critical thinking skills

Project-based learning requiring problem-solving

Extensive arts program (music/visual/dance/theater)

Safe, positive environment with few discipline problems

Faculty focused on excellence

Unique programs and alliances with LSU and other universities

Activities and field trips

Great educational trips for students scoring mastery or advanced on LEAP or i-LEAP




Everyone wants to soar in life, and certainly parents want this for their children. The Iberville Math, Science and Arts Academy East has proven that it is the place where students can do just that!    


This is the place to reach for the stars

and then become one!