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IPSB Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision:

Through a platform of student achievement and good character, every Iberville Parish student will:

  • Develop skills and positive behaviors,
  • Discover interests and talents, and
  • Declare future aspirations.

Our Mission:

The mission of Iberville Parish Public School System is to produce a student who will possess:

  • A willingness to change and learn continuously
  • A strong work ethic
  • Core academic learning to solve real life problems
  • Teamwork skills
  • Technology skills to solve problems
  • A desire for continuous career preparation

About Iberville Parish

Nestled only minutes from the sprawling state capitol city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, lies the small rural community of Iberville Parish. 

Iberville is distinctive in so many ways:

  • Its quaint infusion of country towns and stores
  • Large impressive plantation homes
  • The historic Bayou Plaquemine that slumbers along the northeastern portion of the district while the Mighty Mississippi river divides the parish into an east and west side.
  • Large tracts of agricultural land where local farmers cultivate Sugar Cane, Soy Beans, Corn and Wheat.
  • The Atchafalaya Basin with its beautiful aquatic landscape filled with vegetation and abundant wildlife.

And yet, Iberville Parish boasts several large industries, businesses and a correctional facility for women. 

Generations of people have worked in the agriculture industry, sugarcane prevailing as the number one crop.  Oil and gas fields spot the parish and timber production is evident and abundant.  Added to this is a championship golf course and new subdivisions with homes valued at over a quarter of a million dollars.  A mixture of the old with sights on the new, the calm at the brink of hectic, the heritage and culture with demands for progress all embody the spirit of Iberville!

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